Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Daughter Makinna

Our Makinna! This is usually how she looks, smiling!

Our family, Trey, me, Karessa, Dakota and Makinna

Makinna is our (Trey and Stephanie) 2 and 1/2 year old daughter. She was born with an ear deformity known as Microtia and Atresia. It effects her left ear, and it is basically something that stopped her ear growth while I was carrying her. She does not have a canal on that side, or an eardrum. The outside never fully formed either. She will undergo a series of surgeries starting in November to first, open her canal and give her hearing, and then to reconstruct her outside so that her new canal can be protected and her ear can look normal. Microtia effects about 1 out of 10-20,000 live births and is 2:1 in males. It is also most common in the right side, so Makinna is unique in so many ways. When she was born we had no idea what Microtia and Atresia was, but quickly became part of a community of people who have the same struggles as we are facing. Testing is still in process at Harvard University to determine the cause of this defect, but it is assumed that many are genetically connected.

Now we are preparing for a trip to California in November for the first stage of reconstruction. We will need so many prayers for this journey. I have never been fond of flying, and we will have to be separated from two other children in the process. It is such a bitter sweet event, we are so happy to be able to give Makinna her hearing, but there is so many variables that make it hard. We trust that God will continue to protect us as He always has, and ask you for your prayers and support. We have such an incredible church family, and because of that we know our family will make it fine.

Just a little information on our sweet girl, Makinna is honestly one of the most happy, jolly and loving babies I have ever known. She is my personal little sunshine, because she radiates light. She is so easy going, and wants to love everyone. She laughs like there isn't a problem in the world. Its so easy to fall in love with this amazing little girl. She loves to have her belly and back rubbed, and is so cute how she doesn't feel the need to speak when she is ready for you to rub her legs or arms, instead she just shakes whatever body part she wants you to scratch until you comply. :) She rewards us with bountiful kisses and hugs. She sings Jesus loves me, but since she cant speak the words she just mumbles whatever she can come up with to the tune. She is delayed in her speech a bit, but she is working hard to pick words up along the way. She is making so much progress. We have been truly blessed with such wonderful kids all around.

Thank you to everyone that has been with us through this, and continues to be there for us, and those who are just joining this endeavour. We love you all and you have no idea what your support has meant to us.

In Christian Love,

Trey and Stephanie Sherwood

Her personality spills out everywhere. She was sporting her new shades on Christmas.


  1. I am so glad that you are doing this blog. It will be wonderful to be able to keep up with her 'journey' this way. Please know that I will be praying for her (and for you, including when you have to fly! I hate to fly, so I understand your feelings about this

  2. Makinna is an angel and I knew it the first time I met and held her, God is good and we can see that through her...
    Big kisses from VA,
    the Bray's

  3. I love it that Makinna has her own blog! Give it a few years and she'll be writing her own blog posts! We love you Makinna!!