Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sweet Sounds for Makinna

Makinna's Benefit Dinner and Concert was incredible. We had a great time listening to great music and eating wonderful food. There were over 300 guests at one time. Thank you to everyone who made food, or helped out in some way. We are very moved by the love and care we have been shown by our friends, family, and community. The Lakeland Ledger wrote an article about Makinna in last Saturday's paper. It was very nicely written and helped bring awareness to our Lakeland area. Below are a few pictures from Saturday's event. Thank you all again, you will never know how much your support and prayers have meant to our family. I know that one day when Makinna is older, she will feel the same way.

A big thanks to Kayla and my mom for making Makinna's board.

The Plunger's did an amazing job and many thanks to them for donating their time and talents.

All the guests in line for dinner.

It really looked great and sounded even better!

CMD performing. Everyone wanted more! The kids really got into it.

Mommy and Makinna

Thank again for all the prayers and support. We had a great time and we are very close to our goal. The surgeries feel real now, and we are less then 2 months from our departure date. Now all I have to do is get past my extreme aversion to flying. :)


  1. You can do it! Makinna's special evening was so much fun for everyone... I hope she knows he loved she is!

  2. So glad to hear that you're getting close to your goal! How wonderful it will be with all those other worries to have the financial one removed!