Saturday, October 24, 2009

9 days and counting...

Okay, so we are officially 9 days away from departure, and with Karessa's and Makinna's birthday party, Halloween, Trick or Trunk (at church), Family pics, Halloween party, and all of the other preparations, I'm sure to be busy, busy, busy!! I would rather be busy though, because it keeps my mind off of having to leave my kids behind for two whole weeks! I know they will be fine, but I have never been away from Karessa for that long before. She laid with me last night and had a good cry about it. I did too. I haven't allowed myself to be upset about it before now, because I knew this was important, and that they needed me to be strong for them. I guess with Karessa's birthday today, last night just couldn't be avoided. So with all of that, I'm glad that I will be busy this week.

Makinna is so funny, she keeps telling us that she's ready to go to California, of course it doesn't sound like that, but her way is so much cuter!! She seems excited to go somewhere with Mommy and Daddy. I am ready for Trey's vacation to start so that we can get a move on! I think he is ready too. Three years of waiting, and now its here...almost!!

Halloween will be a fun event this year I think, both of the girls are going to be princesses, so it should feel like an ordinary day in their world!! :) They are going to trick or treat several times this week!! More candy for us!!

Thanks again for keeping us in your prayers, and thoughts. We love everyone, and I will post pics of the surgery as often as I am able. Some will be graphic I'm sure, so I am sorry in advance. We will try to keep it easy. I will have some down time in Cali, so I might be able to go on every few days or so and update pics. Here are some cute ones, so that its not all writing!

Raggy Raggy with Makinna

Yummy, popcycles are my favorite!!

They all love to play with Nonny's glasses...We wont let my optician husband see this, he would be not happy!! I don't let them keep them on when i see it, but my mom snapped this pic before I could grab them!


  1. Can't believe you're just over a week away from departure! We've been praying. Enjoyed spending time with you and all 3 of your fabulous kiddos yesterday.

  2. Thanks, we had fun too..thanks for the invite!Thanks for the prayers too, those are the most important!!