Thursday, December 3, 2009

4 weeks post op...things are looking good

Well we are in the 4th week since Makinna's surgery, and she is doing great. She is fully active and in no pain. She just had her last packing removal yesterday 12-2-09. They had to put her to sleep since she was so badly treated by a Tampa Dr, and now she wont allow anyone that resembles medical professionals to touch her. She wont let them get near her without screaming and crying. She becomes a child I have never seen before. This never happened until her horrible experience with Dr Bartels in Tampa. We have learned so much about screening Dr's now. Just because their credentials are good, doesn't mean that they will be good with your babies. Other then her intense fear of doctors and nurses, she is wonderful. We are very pleased with the way her ear is healing, and her skin graft site is already re growing hair. I have posted pics from before and after the final packing removal. Also, today we did a little test to see if there is any more hearing on that side. I covered her other ear, and whispered very quietly in her ear to repeat a color and she shouted it right out!! I was so excited to know that she understands and could hear it. That is what we did this for...just to give her that chance of normal hearing, and it seems that its working. We wont know the exact amount yet, and with her refusal to be touched by Dr's, I'm not sure how they will measure it. We have to call the Dr. back to see what he recommends. Please keep her in your prayers that she will get over this fear soon, and forget what happened, so that the future appointments will be less stressful. We are really praying that we don't have to have her sedated for every procedure.

This was the day after Thanksgiving...she was loving the cool weather we had.

This was following the first packing removal, this was the bad day with the Dr that we wouldn't take a stray animal to. You can see the left over blood from where the sponge was ripped out of her canal and tore off all of the dried scabs. It was terrible. We had cleaned her up as much as she would let us at this point. It was much more. 11-16-09

This is shortly after the bandage fell off her head. 11-24-09 approx. You can see the canal is more narrow. We are emailing the surgeon to see if that is expected. This is before the final packing removal.

This is yesterday after the packing removal. I think it is looking great. I know it still looks scary to some people, but seeing it everyday, this looks incredible. It is so clean that you can see right to the inner section if you shine the light right. She is really such a trooper. I know that this will all be worth it in a year when she is all healed from the surgeries and she can hear as normally as possible. Thanks again for all the prayers and love. It has really helped us. Makinna will really appreciate it when she is all grown up! Like we do now!!


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    So sorry to hear of your bad experience with the doctor - poor Makinna! Hopefully she will have only positive experiences from now on.
    Glad to hear everything is healling well & that all the packing is removed. That is fantastic news that she is hearing a whisper through her new canal. It makes everything you have been through so very worthwhile.
    Simone xxx

  2. Boo for bad doctors! Poor thing. Glad she is healing so well... you are the best mommy taking such great care of her!