Friday, February 5, 2010

Well, thankfully, surgery number 2 is complete, and the healing process has begun. This surgery was much more difficult than the first one by far. She was in much more pain afterwards and couldn't keep food down for almost 2 days. She is feeling better now, but is having a lot of itching. She had her first post op today and the Dr said that everything looked really good for this stage in the recovery. We will have to closely monitor it over the next several months to be sure that the skin covering the new ear doesn't die or damage. I have added some pics below. Some are a little scary, but its the way it should look right now. The color will fade to pink and the over 200 stitches will dissolve over time, leaving her ear nice and pretty in a few months.

At the beach before the surgery.

Happy before her surgery..
After 11 hours of surgery, not so happy...

This is what she did for over 24 hours...
This was the first smile we got, 48 hours later. She loves her new earrings! She would stand in the mirror and stare at them, touching her ear and talking about the other one that's new..

This is Dr. Lewin, our wonderful Dr.

The big reveal...her new ear. We think it looks incredible.

That will eventually look like any other ear

Straight on view...

Happy girl with mommy and daddy

Thank you all for your prayers and love. We couldn't have made it without you all. We have felt the prayers working and it means so much to know that others are following along with us as we go through this journey. Makinna finally has an ear after all this time waiting and praying. God is so good!!


  1. That's one GOOD look'n ear! Amazing!!! Miss you guys and have been praying for you every day.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    Makinna's ear looks fantastic! I know what a relief it is to have the surgery finally behind you. Now for the slow healing process... Her ear will look fabulous in a few months. Please continue to keep us updated,